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My claim(s) to fame

I hold a lot of references in a lot of songs, that is sort of what I do,
fishing for stuff that might make a cool hiphop song or a concept 
for something else, and I have kept that up since I was presented to the Icelandic nation in the Icelandic rap song Sólmyrkvi by the Shades of Reykjavík. Enjoy this insight into my every creative aspect.
As well as get to know tope, also called, tech dope! Utilizing the Necronomicon, we will bring about utopia, without frying ourselves.

Þarna var ég í flottri peysu.

Ísak ,,Íbláum Skugga" F. H.

these are hypothetical tope ampules.
all my proudest come-togethers for the music

References to me in music as well as tv.

Hmm. I get the feeling of something Congolese.

Short stories in English.

Can't have a whole get to know w/o twitter

My own Twitter page.

my music-- just never took off.

My own Soundcloud page.

I'm still flickring. I post semi-regular, even.

My own Flickr page.

BOMBS go here!!  passion junkies.

Your number #1 destination for learning how to catch tope (tech dope) utilizing the Necronomicon

smooth garments with such expressing.

My genuinely inspired t-shirt designs are there for you to buy.

Ever written a book? I have, it takes ages.

There is the place to read my book, Maskínan við Enda Heimsins (The Machine at the End of the World)

better than collecting tictacs.

My cube-shaped-pipes online store.

This pinterest is only welcome to 10/10 babes

10/10 gorgeous babes,
more than 1000 pictures.

Thanks for your time!

Name tab with the Machine.
spooky ghost tope master

-That uses the Necronomicon-

genuinely excited about tope meetings.

feel free to contact!

flying cards, or should I say invitations?
The dragon summarizes it. Very Ancient.
Or if you're going for a couple; essences plural
Hmm. it's getting cold and out of moonshine.
wanders off into the artness.
a book a day, or just 24/7 one heavy cool book?