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Ísak ,,Íbláum Skugga" F. H.

My conceptions and tope.


About Moxazza

I hold a lot of references in a lot of songs, that is sort of what I do, fishing for stuff that might make a cool hiphop song or a concept for something else, and I have kept that up since I was presented to the Icelandic nation in the Icelandic rap song Sólmyrkvi by the Shades of Reykjavík. Enjoy this insight into my every creative aspect. As well as get to know tope, also called, tech dope! Utilizing the Necronomicon, we will bring about utopia, without frying ourselves.

References to me in music.
Get to know the star side of Ísak Íbláum Skugga

Inblue Shade

My own Flickr page.

Mind blowing stuff has happened to me in the summer of 2016.

Your number #1 destination for learning how to catch tope (tech dope) utilizing the Necronomicon

My genuinely inspired clothes designs are there for you to buy.
Enter onto The Machine!

Bonanza of inspired work

Short stories in English.

My own Soundcloud page.

My own Twitter page.


There is the place to read my book, Maskínan við Enda Heimsins (The Machine at the End of the World)


My games. Trigger; Frogger with a gun, Zen-space invaders, Zen-zombie multiplier, Invulnerable Sniper.

They are free to download, own, copy and even improve. Just let it play.


10/10 gorgeous babes, more than 3000 pictures.

Thanks for your time!

Name card for the Machine.
spooky ghost tope master

-Using the Necronomicon-

genuinely excited about tope meetings.

feel free to contact!

flying cards, or should I say invitations?
Or if you're going for a couple; essences plural
Hmm. it's getting cold and out of moonshine.
Necronomicon devout writing
a book a day, or just 24/7 one heavy cool book?
How the tech in the title tech dope works.
Necronomicon tope can be ecstasy.
underlying philosophical attire?
it's binged through a bong, via satellite.
interconnecting can feel super nice.
get high with the getting high aid.
neon cherries!
fits for all sizes of doses.
the best 'ceutical overall.
quintuple means five-fold
gotta get that constant, feel me?
it's sexier than a backside
uppers, downers and all arounders
A whole dripping drip.
manaless concoctions mostly.

Get the hoodie!

This amazing piece of garment will ensure you will have tech dope.
Stylish snug. Comfortably warm.

Say goodbye to non-topefilled
days wearing a magical hoodie.
Tech dope is going to be bigger. Collect the tope! Throw a topeparty
she enjoys the sunlight

I buy it myself and; guarantees;

It's fashionable, sleek. It gives you an insignia for how you practice Necronomicon, and with it you can show it to the world.
And also, it's really comfortable to wear.
Comes with a hefty amount of power!

Destroy Boys